TCN back up and running.

Following a major server issue which occurred around tea time last night TCN is back up and running.
After an unscheduled night shift we’ve managed to get the main news feeds from our partner sites back up and all the pages.
Unfortunately we have had to totally rebuild the site over night and have at this point lost all our previous blogs and comments (hopefully we can rescue them at a later date). Priority just now is to get the site up and running.
Our previous database has been destroyed therefore any one who has registered will have to re-register. We apologise for this but it’s unavoidable.
We hope to have the site fully functioning and accepting registrations by 12.00 noon GMT.
After that we may get some sleep 🙂
Hail, Hail


got most of the stuff back up but the server is running slow as they are trying to repair it.
So I’m off to my pit and I’ll do the odds and ends later after a nice sleep.

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