TCN Poll Results and Report

TCN Poll Results
Here are the results of the polls conducted on TCN on Tuesday and Wednesday.
Poll one was a very simple and straight forward question designed to start the debate.
The question was: Should fans sing IRA songs at the game?
Total votes = 562
No = 392 = 70% of vote
Yes = 141 = 25% of vote
Not Sure = 29 = 5% of vote
Votes in percentages: for chart 1

 The outcome of poll one seems to give a clear indication that the vast majority who participated would prefer that these songs were not sung at Celtic games.
Poll 2
This poll was designed to gauge which songs from Celtics Irish heritage where appropriate for football games.
I compiled a list of 10 songs drawn from two groups of 5. The first group contained songs that I we believed could not be offensive to right minded people. The second group contained songs which we believed may cause offence due to add-ons and the nature of the songs.
The songs chose were as follows:
Group one

1. The fields of Athenry
2. Let the people sing
3. Celtic Symphony without ooh ah up the ra add on
4. A Soldiers Song
5. The Lonesome BoatmanGroup two

1. The bhoys of the old brigade
2. All off to Dublin in the green
3. Irish Soldier laddie
4. Broad black brimmer of the IRA
5. Go on home British Soldiers

Each voter was allowed up to 10 votes (one per song) to make sure everyone who participated could vote for any amount of songs.
Total votes cast in poll two = 1713

The fields of Athenry 


 Let the people sing


Celtic Symphony without ooh ah up the ra add on


A Soldiers Song


The Lonesome Boatman


The bhoys of the old brigade


All off to Dublin in the green


Irish Soldier laddie


Broad black brimmer of the IRA


Go on home British Soldiers


Top 5 songs


bottom 5 songs




Overall percentage of total votes: chart 2

The bar graph below shows the votes cast for all songs. Chart 3

The Pie chart below shows the split between the top and bottom 5 votes in percentages. Chart 4

When you compare the charts 1 and 4 they seem to reflect a constant of around 70% of voters who clearly are able to define the difference between songs which may rightly cause offence and songs which no right minded person should be offended by. Therefore the top 5 songs should be acceptable at football games and the Celtic support should make this clear.
If the two votes had been as some of our supporters believe been hijacked by Rangers fans then I’m sure the results of poll 2 would be turned on their heads in an attempt to embarrass our support. So that put that bit of paranoia to bed.
Ok so this is not the most scientific set of polls ever carried out but it has started a debate that we need to have.
We leave it up to everyone to make their own personal judgements on the data we have supplied.
This debate still has some way to go but the main thing is that it has now started and if the results of the polls bear any resemblance to the actual feelings of the majority of the Celtic support then the minority must take that into consideration when deciding which songs they wish to sing at football games.

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