At Last an arrest is made in online hate campaign.

Central Scotland Police have arrested a 24 year old man from Callander alleged to have published a Neil Lennon hate site.
As of yet TCN does not know the identity of this person but like all Celtic fans we will be following the subsequent court case with interest.
The lack of arrests so far has been quite shocking when you consider the amount of hate sites and pages on the net and when you take into account the sheer volume of people spewing their hatred of Neil Lennon on the internet it’s very strange that so few people have been arrested.
It will be interesting to see if the Scottish press react with the same gusto that they did when a Celtic fan was recently prosecuted for sectarian comments on the internet. On that occasion the news media were in such a rush they managed to publish a picture of the wrong person.
The important question here is are the Police a bit slow on the uptake here or are they so underfunded that they don’t have adequate Cyber resources at their disposal to round these people up?
Whatever the reason is we think they should be doing more.
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