A must listen to podcast from Celtic Underground

Eddie Pearson and Harry Brady have just released a must listen to podcast on the Celtic Underground. It is an interview with Brian Dempsey former Celtic board member who was at the centre of the demise of the old Celtic and the rebirth of the new Celtic under Fergus McCann.
Like Eddie at the time I was a Celtic fan in my twenties and extremely concerned on how things were being run behind the scenes at the time.
Dempsey gives a fascinating insight into the back bighting and infighting that went on in this crucial time in Celtic’s history. Fans of all generations should listen to this. I’ll guarantee some of you will be gob smacked by the sheer incompetence and selfishness of the old board.
Although Celtic Underground are not yet partners with TCN our mission is to alert Celtic fans to the best Celtic media available. This podcast certainly falls into that category.
You can listen to the podcast HERE
Hail, Hail

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