Do we need another left back for cover ?


Emilio out for half the season.


The bhoys picked up a good three points yesterday at Pittodrie against an Aberdeen side playing anti football a common tactic used by their manager. Although some in our team had an off day the team as a whole never gave up and kept pushing for a goal.

The main downside to the match was the loss of Emilio who has fractured his right ankle. The club have now confirmed that he will be out for four to six months basically depriving us of his talent for half a season.  

I have every confidence big Charlie can do a great job at left back but it will be in Europe that we will miss Emilio the most. His pace and engine will be a big miss against FC Sion who seem to be a very competent team.

As I said Mulgrew will do a good job for us and if he gets injured Mark Wilson or even Joe Ledley can cover the left back position however I’m not a big fan of moving players out of their natural positions to cover a role like left back. With any luck Charlie will remain injury free and see us through till Emilio returns.

On beyond the waves yesterday Graham and the guys were debating whether Neil Lennon should draft in a replacement for Izzy. The consensus was that he should not. There is a case for the opposite.

We could bring in a natural left back on a temp contract to cover Charlie over the next 6 months. This would be a reasonably cheaper option than buying someone in on a long contract.

We wish Izzy all the best and hope he has a trouble free recovery and wee look forward to having a fresh player back for the title run in.

Please vote in our latest non scientific poll on whether you think we should bring in a left back.

Hail, Hail and happy Monday. 

3 thoughts on “Do we need another left back for cover ?

  1. Although we have options to cover the LB spot, I wouldn't want anyone other than Mulgrew playing there in Europe. I wasn't impressed by Mjastorovic yesterday and with Rogne and Loovens both currently sidlined, I would much rather Mulgrew was playing CB alonside K Wilson. From that point of view, I would consider getting another LB. Had we kept Darren O'Dea, we wouldn't have such a problem either!
    I'm not sure that there are many half decent LBs around to take on loan to help cover and I can't think of any that are out of contract that could be taken on a short term deal either. At the start of the summer there was a lot of talk about Izzy moving and I think we all know that sooner or later, that transfer will happen although this injury could set that back until January 2013 in my opinion.
    I am a member on vitalceltic and I have a section where I scout for players to potentially sign (I found Sandomierski away back last year btw) and I have found three very good looking LBs recently. All quite young (early 20s) and with a lot of talent and potential. Rami Gershon who can play CB or LB equally well is only 23, from Israel and has the same agent as brought Kayal here, currently playing for Standard Liegebut has been out on loan a lot the past few years. Gal Shish is another Israeli, currently playing for Hapoel Tel-Aviv, only 22, bit of a mix of the Mulgrew style LB and the Izzy style LB. The other one is Maximilliano Montero from Uruguay. He is 22 and is almost a direct replica of Izzy! He still has a bit to learn but he looks very good. None of these players should break the bank transfer fee wise. You can't always trust it but according to, their values are £800k, £300k and £350k respectively. That could actually be around £1m for Gershon and the other two maybe around £800k. Could it be worthwhile looking at trying to sign one of these players in order to bring in Izzy's replacement now? We have three RBs, why not have three LBs?

  2. What we want or need, isn't likely to match Club v Supporter opinion. At least that seems to be the way of things at the moment, with difficulty in recruiting a top class goalkeeper. Because Mulgrew is a utility type player it's likely he'll play left back. It took years to find an Izzaguirre, and we don't need another Edson Braafheid when we have Twardzik, who could play LB in certain games.

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