Burley shows his contempt for Celtic – from the archives

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He’s got a bigger brass neck than Judas Iscariot

I’ll tackle each highlighted text in turn.Firstly let me apologise for the poor quality of the picture but I have tried to highlight the most damming nonsense that came from the mouth of someone who used to be happy lifting a wage from Celtic and affection from our support.

1. An unfounded allegation about Celtic fans indulging “synchronised coughing”. If your going to make an allegation the worst person to quote from is Leckie. As for Neil not turning up for the minutes silence does Burley have any proof that it was a deliberate snub ? No he does not  so he should keep his mouth shut.

2.We hit some soft targets? I would not call a lying referee a bigoted and lying head of referees and a useless head of the SFA soft targets. They were all guilty of corruption to one degree or another therefore they were legitimate targets. Can I also point out to the ignorant Burley that Celtic FC had nothing to do with the removal of Dallas it was in fact the RC Church who had every right to pursue this sectarian bigot.

3. How dare he slander Billy McNeill. The truth is McNeil was telling the truth with evidence he had gained over many years of playing for Celtic.

4.Why did Paul McBride QC make you and your kind feel queasy? Was it because like McNeill he stood up and told the truth or was it because he brought the corrupt SFA to book and publicly humiliated them. Well seen the attempt on his life did not make you feel queasy if this interview you have given is anything to go by.

5 Now we get to the most disgusting part of you venomous interview Neil Lennon and big bad Celtic. Our manager done nothing that most other managers done. He stood up for his players and his club. Why and for what reason should Neil have been “reigned in” ? Did I miss the part where he assaulted another manager or official like Old Broon or a list of your Rangers team?

6. Finally you ask how we got to this situation with Neil. Well I’ll give you a wee hint . Alot of it was down to you and your media cronies who make statements like “Instead Lennon became a loose cannon and I can see why he courted as much controversy” That’s your exact words from you diatribe which along with other members of the gutter press has helped build a campaign of HATE against our manager.

Mr Burley you should be totally ashamed of yourself and I’m sure a vast ammount of the Celtic support would agree with me when I tell you that you are NOT WELCOME AT CELTIC PARK.

I hope the club pass your comments on to Paul McBride QC and ask you to defend your comments and provide proof of your accusations in a court of law.


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3 thoughts on “Burley shows his contempt for Celtic – from the archives

  1. He is a wanna be Hun John barnes didn’t take long to get rid of him and I say well done John barnes.

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