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Another Archive article. This is the blog which put the idea out to the Celtic online community for a hub of independent Celtic fans sites.

The Future development of the Cyber Tim’s Community?


Organising and Taking on the Scottish Establishment


Tonight I have the pleasure of having a chat with Housey on the fantastic Over and Over Celtic Pod Cast. Putting nerves aside I’m really looking forward to speaking to him and throwing out some ideas to the Cyber Tim’s online community on how we move forward and tackle head on the biased Scottish Media and the Establishment in Scotland in general.

We Celtic fans are very fortunate when it comes to new media. There is an amazing amount of Celtic fans forums, blogs and pod casts out there on the net. I honestly think we are second to none in this respect.

All these communities have a valid place and reason to exist because the Celtic family is so large and represents so many different people from all walks of life. My own community is one of the new kids on the block only starting back in December 2010. The reason our community was started was that Harry and I felt we would like to start up a forum which would serve the older Celtic fans. Being relatively old codgers we prefer to concentrate our efforts on discussing Celtic rather than gaming, the latest films etc. So on that basis it’s clear to see that we need all types of Celtic sites.

One of the greatest things to come out of all these communities is the important contribution each one makes to getting Celtic fans views out into the web media however my thoughts are that we can organise ourselves a bit better and in turn make a greater impact on counter acting the Laptop Loyal biased spin and pro Rangers agenda.

It’s not only the Scottish media we need to take to task we also need to stand up to any organisation or institution in Scotland who deny our club fair and equal treatment. Also it is just as important that we speak with one clear voice when we are not happy with decisions that our own board make for example the joint sponsorship agreement with Tennents which many fans have a problem with on many different levels.

So finally I get around to the suggestions I’d like to throw out to the Cyber Tim’s community on how we can form closer ties for the benefit of us all and Celtic Football club in general.

I would like everyone to consider the following as basic points for discussion;

The formation of a Celtic fans online news hub/portal  which:

  • gathers and displays news feed from all Celtic online communities
  • All feeds will directly link back to their original sites and will also be available to be forwarded on through many social media bookmark sites
  • Provides a central directory of Celtic fans sites
  • A what’s on guide for fans podcasts
  • Provides fans with help and information on using new social media to get the Celtic message out on to the web through apps and bookmark sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Digg, Reddit, WordPress, etc
  • Provides all  fans with a directory of email addresses for Club officials, Media journalists, SFA & SPL officials, UEFA and FIFA as well as MP’s and MSP’S to make it easier for individual fans and groups to raise concerns relating to media bias ,racism and sectarianism.
  • Helps organise fan protests for maximum impact.
  • The inclusion of a message board to help focus all suggestions and campaigns.
  • Match reports by fans who own the pictures and videos not media companies.

No one group or community would “own” this portal it would be purely a non profit co-operative of interested parties.

If anyone doubts that we should try and move to this type of resource then just have a look at the negative press Celtic received following Wednesday night’s game. Our club was dragged through the mud by the Laptop Loyal to deflect the blame for indiscipline and shameful behaviour away from the culprits. This is why I believe we should at least look at the options new media offers us.

A central hub/portal would allow us to get our message across to the right people in a more effective manner. Guy’s like Phil  Mac Giolla Bhain have shown what can be achieved using new social media and a bit of I.T. savvy in getting their message out into the mainstream media so I feel the Celtic fans should follow this example.

There are plenty of Web developers like myself and others who have top class media and marketing skills out there who are passionate Celtic fans. I have already raised this issue with some of them and the general feeling is we should and could do something like this.

However at the end of the day it’s down to all the online Celtic communities to decide the way forward. This can only work with the backing of the vast majority of Celtic fans communities or the whole project just ends up being just another Celtic site competing with others for a share of the media market.

Thanks for reading this and I look forward to seeing if there is a genuine appetite for this. If anyone wants to contact me send an email to g40celtic@gmail.com.

Please see the image below which tries to explain the idea.


celtic hub


A rubbish drawing of the idea



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