It’s easy to laugh



But it’s harder to see the truth.

So we’ve had another day of the Laptop Loyal deflecting the truth about RFC’S tax affairs even although Phil Mac told us all that the Sheriff’s officers were due at Ibrox a few days ago. He not only told us but he told certain representatives of the laptop loyal. However as usual they chose to forget. Maybe I’m being harsh so I’ll say their Editors forgot.

This really doesn’t matter because at the end of the day the only thing that should concern us is the progress of Celtic FC.

The truth of the matter is that as much as the Laptop Loyal are giving Craig Whyte an easy ride they are also giving the Celtic board an equally easy ride.

Basically the press in this country are not up to the job. We as Celtic fans should expect the press in this country to start doing their job right and track down DD and his puppets on the board. We should expect them to start asking the question: ‘what makes you any different from the people who run RFC’?

The lack of investment this close season is shocking. Once again we have a manager who has worked his back side off and has put us in a great position and yet again the PLC board refuse to sanction a release of funds to capitalise on our position.

It’s about time us Celtic fans stopped laughing at our rivals and start asking our own board and majority share holder how they intend restoring this club and the players back to the level that Strachan had never mind O’Neill.

Celtic are turning into a parochial club in Europe in the same way that St Mirren are a parochial club in Scotland. A couple of good players but not anywhere good enough to win a major prize.

It’s time for the current majority shareholder to put up or sell up.

Neil is doing the best he can. Unfortunatly he really has one arm tied behind his back.

Celtic fans really need to start pressuring the board or we will never move forward.


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