Changes on TCN.

Hail, Hail.
Due to the early success of TCN we have had to make some changes to the site. When we started out we had ten sites submitting news feeds. To accommodate this we restricted each newsfeed to display only one item of news. However in the first few weeks this grew to 17 sites submitting feeds and we found the front page getting longer and longer. Obviously we had to look at a better way to display our partners news feeds.

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The result is that we have come up with a system that cuts down the space required on the front page making it easier for you to navigate. This change has also allowed us to increase the number news items from each site from one to five.
Each partner site submitting news now has a graphic link on the front page which will take you to a dedicated news feed page for each site.
We are pleased to say that we now have a total of 30 partner sites including KANO and the Good Child Foundation. We would urge you to visit their page when you visit TCN.
We have also upgraded our picture gallery to make it more user friendly.
Thanks for your support.
James for TCN

4 thoughts on “Changes on TCN.

  1. hi James
    looks great – well done – one small thing…upcoming podcasts link for Beyond The Waves should link to hailhailmedia
    great effort
    cheers again, Tony

  2. I am still unsure what The Celtic Network is?  Is it a vehicle for the other Celtic related sites to register and then the fans go register into these other sites! I was hoping that it would combine these sites and have one really excellent site.  Basically there are too many sites!
    PS Just to give you an idea where I am coming from I used the BBC 606 stuff, Celtic Mad and the occasional response in the Daily rags.  Never really twittered, blogged as not really that bothered.
    PPS Keep up the good work.

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