Is it time for Desmond to sell up?

Since Martin O’Neill left successive managers have had to downsize the wage bill which is fair enough because we don’t want to end up like our biggest rivals. However we have now reached a point where our bank debt is just over £0.5m which for a company with a turnover in excess of £50m is actually very small.
Under the current structure not only is Neil Lennon starved of funds but Peter Lawwell is increasingly having to work on reducing operating costs which in turn drives down the quality of service both on and off the park.
It should be remembered that operation costs includes wages, National Insurance, pensions and other associated labour costs.
Celtic FC are now at a crossroads we need to decide are we a club who are content to do well in our domestic league or are we a club that genuinely wants to compete at a decent level in Europe?
If we choose the later then we have to raise capital investment and there are only two ways to do this. One is to go cap in hand to the bank and ask for a ridiculous amount of credit which will leave us in a worse state than we are now.
The second way is to raise capital through the stock market. Now given the current state of Scottish football this is not going to happen but if our majority shareholder offers his shares for sale to a consortium of interested parties who have the best intentions for Celtic at heart and are willing to invest fresh capital we could be on to a winner.
Of course no such consortium exists but that’s not to say that if DD indicated that he was looking to offload his shares a consortium of some sorts may appear.
It’s quite clear that DD has no real affinity for Celtic he only bought the shares in the first place because his son is a big Celtic fans. I must also point out that under stock market rules DD is not allowed to just hand money over to the club but there are other ways like him giving the club a loan of around £30-40m at a very favourable interest rate payable over 20years.
This is the level of investment our club need at the moment to lift us out of the mire. Even with this type of investment it would still be a struggle to attract top players to the SP Hell but it would give us a fighting chance to make sure we qualify for the Champions League every season.
So the question for you  is should he sell up to someone who is really interested in getting our club back to the level we were at around 2003/04/05?
50,000 of us are spending hard earned cash in the middle of the worst recession I have ever known is it not about time the club gave us something back ?

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4 thoughts on “Is it time for Desmond to sell up?

  1. In my opinion it is the European glory that we should be aiming for albeit a long way off. The SPL is a dead in the water league and it is certainly becoming more difficult to attract any decent talent even if funds where made available. What right minded player wants to play in a league that are hopeless in the European stakes.
    Get the cash out whatever it takes and give the fans something to really spend their money on in these difficult times.
    Thank you Mr Desmond for your original cash injection for which the fans will be forever grateful but now is the time to inject some more or walk away before the club stagnates any longer.

  2. Yes, he should sell up & let others run the ship.
    The fact that Peter Lawell is still employed after 3 years of failure to win the league against davie f*cking weir and co is a sham. Only dermot desmond can answer that….

  3. How can Celtic PLC expect the fans to keep pumping in their hard earned cash every year on shirts, kits, tickets, merchandise and any other Celtic related items when it is abundantly clear that the powers that be refuse to dig deep into their own pockets!!
    Look, I don’t want Mr Desmond to “inject” millions of his personal fortune into the club, why should he. I would prefer that he be guarantor to a larger than normal bank loan (or loan us the capital) that we can spend on players. This would give us the room to purchase players and release the other ones that seem to be floating around but not doing much.
    The time is for some fresh investment without going cap in hand to the fans, we have bailed them before but it would be bloody well cheeky to ask us to do it again.
    Mistakes from the current board have dried up funds ie the last year of Strachan regime and the Tony Mowbray saga have cost us credibility and financial muscle in the current transfer market.
    The chasing of Bellamy, Given, Keane, Bridge to name a few are hurting our club as they turn us down for riches elsewhere or not in the case of Bellamy. We should however be purchasing the likes of Shane Long, Omer Damari, Kieron Westwood and not pulling out of deals over a few hundred thousand pounds….. remember it is OUR money they are refusing to spend!
    I will back the team/club till I die but at times Celtic really do make you sit an wonder what could have been if we had spent the money on players we needed, when we needed them…ie Fletcher in Januray 2009… we are still paying for them mistakes!!

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