Your favourite Celtic Player ?

I’ve watched Celtic for over 40years and every time I think on this question I end up arguing with myself for hours.
I’ve been lucky enough to see the greats of the modern era. Guys like Jinky, George Connolly, Dalgliesh , Larsson, McStay. Honestly I could fill this page with great players I’ve seen.
However for me it’s Danny McGrain. He is probably the model of the modern full back. The thing that elevates Danny from the rest is what he had to overcome to be the greatest full back of his time.
He overcame a fractured skull, diabetes and a severe injury and still there was not a full back on the planet who could touch him.
Two years ago I was at a function in the Captains table restaurant on a Sunday afternoon. By coincidence there was a charity match being played at Celtic Park that day. Unbelievably Danny played 90 minutes of that game. At his age I think it was a testament to the guys courage and commitment that he could play a full 90mins.
So today’s question is. Who is your favourite Celtic player and why?

2 thoughts on “Your favourite Celtic Player ?

  1. You certainly will not have any problems deciding on great Celtic players now, there are none!
    Mine though was Big Tam Gemmell. These shower cannae score with only the keeper in front of them, Big Tam would score with 10 o them on the line! Had character as well!
    You will probably gather I have no calmed doon yet!

  2. I think there are many who have not calmed doon yet 🙂 Still lets see what Thursday brings. Big Tam is a good shout, great player and forever remembered for scoring in 2 European Cup finals and kicking a Racing Club player up the @rse

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