Celtic FC. What is the future for our club?

A series of articles by The Celtic Network.

I have just watched a program on Aljazeera called Net Losses. It takes a look at the impact of foreign ownership, over paid players and badly run clubs in English football and how this is having a negative impact on clubs, supporters and local communities.
After the recent debate about the state of Scottish Football following another poor showing in Europe and the decline in standards across the whole of the sport in Scotland this program inspired me to write a series of articles for TCN concentrating mainly on Celtic FC.
I intend to split the article up over a number of days to try and do the subject justice and hopefully raise good points for debate. At the end of the week we’ll publish a multi question poll that will be open for a few days to get a feeling of what our support want for our club in the future.
In the first article on Monday we’ll try to frame the debate by taking a look at what happened at Liverpool FC.
Liverpool FC is club similar to Celtic in terms of size, football philosophy and traditions within the community. Therefore we will take a look at how the takeover by Hicks and Gillet nearly killed the club and how this affected and split the community in Liverpool and the clubs supporters.
We will then speculate what would happen if this scenario was to unfold at Celtic. What would be the impact on our club and the relationship between the Owners and the support? Would a large investor be a good or bad thing for the club in the long run or should we look at a different model for running the club and getting it back in the hands of the support.
In the days that follow we’ll have a look at what Celtic supporters expect from the people who run the club and whether we as a support need a reality check in order to form our own ideas on the best way forward?
We will also have a look at the German model of running their football league and ask if this could be implemented in Scotland or is it too late?
In the last article we’ll look at the impact of adopting the German system in Scotland and how that would affect Celtic, our support, our finances and can or should it be done.
We hope this will open up an exciting debate within the support and a frank exchange of opinions and views.
Hail, Hail

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