So Who Was on the Jury and How did Crown office handle this?

Just a couple of questions which spring to mind.

I’m sitting here dumbfounded that a man who assaulted our manager escapes with a conviction for breach of the peace?
He admitted that he assaulted Neil Lennon yet got off with it because the Crown tied in “sectarian” charge with the assault.
Was their collusion in the Crown office to “hamper” their case by tying the sectarianism charge into the assault charge?
Why where the charges not separate?
There was a clear assault. I saw it, you saw it and millions around the world saw it yet this guy walks away with a breach of the peace charge.
This is just my initial reaction. Obviously, time for reflection is needed and facts need to be studied but on the face of it something stinks to high heaven here.
Honestly, I have had some family problems over the past week which makes this pale into the back ground. However, this is a real shock to me and I just had to write something.
No doubt we’ll go into this in more depth and then once again ask questions of what this verdict means to the useless laws this government mean to bring in to tackle sectarianism.


It has been confirmed that this is entirely down to the Jury. They could have found him guilty of assault and struck out the sectarian element. Therefore it appeares the Jury may have been predudiced.

3 thoughts on “So Who Was on the Jury and How did Crown office handle this?

  1. I hope John Wilson gets his!  I am furious and competely fed up with hun barstewards getting away with all against us!  We the Tic support can only take so much!

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