A failed attempt to silence a journalist.


It’s been an interesting day.

I awoke to find out that my site was suspended by my web hosting company.

They had received after an email from a dignified chap claiming to be part of “a stakeholders group” that was, apparently, concerned about the Rangers FC related content of my site (www.philmacgiollabhain.com).

Their concern centred on the possibility that my journalism would scare away potential investors because I was giving the impression that all was not well, financially, at Rangers.

It is rather unfortunate timing, to say the least, that on the day that my site was accused of spreading malicious rumours about the health of Rangers  as a business  that the moderator of the Follow Follow website started a thread about HMRC freezing the club’s bank account.

I have had no formal communication from Rangers FC or from anyone representing that football club about the content of my site.

Needless to say I am sourcing another hosting company and I hope to be online again soon.

In the meantime I stand by everything that I have written about the state of Rangers’ finances and their unresolved issues with HMRC.

My journalism on these subjects has been well sourced, evidence based and non-actionable.

I have been heartened  by the support shown to me today many in the Celtic Family and by my colleagues in the NUJ.

I will continue.

Oh, one other thing.

HMRC staff were at Ibrox today.

It wasn’t a social call.


Phil Mac Giolla Bhain

28 thoughts on “A failed attempt to silence a journalist.

  1. Hope your back on soon . Obviously no one is allowed to speak ill of the ‘establishment’ club

  2. Your valued and researched work will always be appreciated by those that don’t have a hidden agenda.

  3. well done phil, you have all our support m8,sometimes the truth hits harder for some mis-guided people.

  4. Phil your information is always on the money that’s why you’ve been shut down. Hard to believe this happens in Scotland, the Kremlin would struggle to shut down a journalist and keep it out of the national news.
    Keep up the good work.

  5. God speed Phil…. And if anyone was in any doubt with regards to the predicament at rfc, today actions speak volumes.

  6. Phil,i hope this does not make you disheartened as your work is very much appreciated by mostly e1 apart from the snipers that have hidden agendas,you are doing a fantastic job and they are trying to gag people,not in this day and age,there's alot of people behind you mate,keep up the good work Phil!

  7. All the best Phil, keep up the good work, always first with all the breaking news or the news others are afraid to report!!

  8. they can’t stop you Phil The Press In Scotland are very UnHappy with your Good Work Getting the Truth

  9. Jesus Christ! Maybe I’m mistaken but is this not censorship on a scale that would make Pravda blush??
    Here’s to coming out the dark ages and ushering in a period of perestroika/glasnost comrade

  10. Well done Phil, keep up the good work, hope to have you back up and running soon. You have obviously rattled a few cages along the way. Long may you continue to source the truth for us. HH x

  11. The truth is a beautiful thing. Oh that more would speak it. God bless you and yours phil. Dont let the Ba—-ds grind you down

    1. Everyone, Republican or otherwise, has their own particular part to play. No part is too great or too small; no one is too old or too young to do something.Bobby Sands MP 
      Keep on keeping on Phil

  12. Well done, Phil.
    Not surprisingly, this evening, whilst the message boards were alive to the news about HMRC, there was but a deafening silence on the subject from the Scottish sports media on the three major radio stations.
    We all await the day when the Queen's most loyal subjects are finally allowed to learn the truth. Perhaps then they might encourage their masters to pay over all of the taxes lawfully owed to her most gracious Majesty….?

  13. Wish I had the power to do something.  Wish we had our own newspaper, not talking about the Celtic News! 

  14. Try 1and1.co.uk
    £1.99 for a .co.uk site per year and £10 for a .com per year
    – Dundee fan who enjoys your articles

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