Islam Feruz – What price Loyalty ?

Sad to here the news that the talented Islam Feruz has left. What makes me even more sad is the lack of loyalty and respect shown to Celtic FC and the memory of Tommy Burns.
It has been well documented that Celtic and especially Tommy stepped in to help Islams family out in their time of need helping to secure a safe home for him and his family in Scotland.
Here is a peice from a Scottish paper with a quote from Islam’s Mother.


But his fledgling career almost ground to a halt as the authorities wanted to boot Islam and his family out of the UK. In the end, it was Celtic legend, the late Tommy Burns, who stepped in to help fight the threat of deportation. 
Aisha said: “Islam was so shocked when Tommy died. Our whole family will always owe him a huge debt. 
“Celtic and Tommy especially helped us. I think Tommy went and talked to people from immigration. 

I would never have expected a talented boy like him to spend his whole career at Celtic but he could have had the decency to sign professional papers with Celtic show some loyalty.
No doubt Celtic will get some form of compensation for all the hard work and investment the club invested but probably nowhere near what they could have got if he had signed for a nother 4 years.
Personally I wish him no ill will. He’s a young man who has been ill advised in my opinion by people surrounding him. He may look back one day and regret this move because he had a better chance of gaining experience and growing as a player in the first team with Celtic than he ever will with Chelsea.

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