Maley's Bhoys Christmas with Kano.

TCN are delighted to support this great cause launched by Maley’s Bhoys. Please help out if you can.

If you do one thing today, please take 2 minutes of your time to read this, as it’s for a very good cause:
When I founded the ‘Maley’s Bhoys’ website in January of this year, I aimed to build a website and an online community with strong links to the worldwide Celtic fan base, and to charitable causes. In approximately eight months, we have been fortunate enough to continue to grow from nothing into a small, but valued, part of the online Celtic community. During this time, with the support of many good people, we were able to do our bit to raise money for the kids at the Good Child Foundation in Thailand with a raffle and an auction, with proceeds totalling over £375.

Now, carrying on our aims to help charitable causes into the new season, I am delighted to announce our partnership with the good folks at ‘The Kano Foundation’, with the aim of helping to give some of the kids they work with something special for Christmas 2011.
We want to do something a bit different, and something which a lot of supporters can contribute to, while not breaking the bank in the process.
The plan is to ask supporters, like you, for donations, not of money, but of Celtic related items. This could be anything from an old Celtic programme, to a scarf, hat, badge, DVD, flag, ticket stub, shirt…any items you’d be happy to give us which we could then split amongst the kids to give them something ‘unique’ for Christmas.
Our aim is not to ask people to donate their hard earned cash, in what is already a tough financial climate, but to ask you to look through your lofts or bedroom cupboards, and see if there is anything you would be comfortable donating to us. After all, the children at Kano have such an enthusiasm for the club (as I’m sure many of you have seen at matches) I feel that they would jump at the opportunity to flick through an old Celtic annual, or have an old badge to pin on their scarf.
We plan to split up all the items donated to us between the children attending a game with Kano near Christmas, with the hope of giving them all a couple of unique items they wouldn’t have got (or possibly even seen) otherwise.
We would ask all donations to be made by the end of November, in order to give us time to sort out the items given to us.
If anyone is interested, you can contact me, (Frank) for more details, and for the address to send your donations to. You can do this by:
Sending an email to:
Sending a message to ‘Maley’s Bhoys’ on Facebook
Sending a message to @MaleysBhoys on Twitter
Or replying to this thread here on our forum…
The only money that I would ask you to spend is the postage to send your item or items to us.
Thank you for your time, and if you have any questions please feel free to contact me through any of the methods above.
Maley’s Bhoys smiley
P.S. If anyone does want to donate something of a higher value to us, we would be delighted to accept it, but would plan to auction it, with the proceeds going exclusively to the Kano Foundation. This means that no child receives, for example’s sake, a signed top, while another gets an old programme.
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