TCN User Survey Results


TCN User survey results.

The Questions and results are as follows.

  1. What theme do you prefer?

Original TCN dark theme 28%
The new light theme 52%
Not Bothered 20%

  1. Do you think we should use more colours in the theme ?

Yes 46%
No  26%
Not Bothered 28%

  1. Newsfeeds: Do you prefer ?

Links on the front page (as now) 68%
Direct feeds (as was) 18%
Not Bothered 14%

  1. Would you like weekly polls on TCN ?

Yes 74%
No  18%
Not Bothered 8%

  1. Would you like to be able to make poll suggestions ?

Yes 81%
No  11%
Not Bothered 8%

  1. Would you like regular Q & A sessions on TCN ?

Yes 84%
No  0%
Not Bothered 16%

  1. if so how often ?

Once per week 66%
Once per 2 weeks 10%
Once per Month  14%
Not Bothered 10%

  1. Would you like more guest writers on TCN ?

Yes 90%
No  10%
Not Bothered 0%

  1. Would you like to have the option to blog on TCN ?

Yes 50%
No  350%
Not Bothered 15%

  1. Would you like to follow matches live from multiple sources via Twitter on TCN ?

Yes 78%
No  12%
Not Bothered 10%
11. Would you like to be kept up to date via a monthly TCN Newsletter ?
Yes 88%
No  12%
Not Bothered 0%
12. Would you like a users suggestions page on TCN ?
Yes 94%
No  0%
Not Bothered 6%
13. On average How often do you visit TCN ?
Daily 48%
Weekly 38%
Monthly 6%
Just when ever 8%
14. What do you think of TCN as a service?
Poor 8%
Not bad 12%
good 68%
very good 12%
15 What do you think of TCN as a site ?
Poor 8%
Not bad 4%
Good 48%
Good but could be better 16%
Very good 24%
very good 12%
User Feedback
Comments left by users
1. Awesome. Keep up the good work. Hail hail
2. I enjoy the availability of numerous sites that are easily accessible.
3. excellent to have all under one umberella – however, there is simply SOMUCH info online these days, it’s diff to keep track – an idea would be to encourage site users to refer back to TCN on occasion – this rarely happens – example CQN – rarely does anyone on CQN mention TCN but TCN is a VERY good idea – the calendar is a good idea too – would be good to have u17 and u19 fixture on calendar too – well done to all involved !! THANKS !!
4. sometimes there is no blogs or updates for a few days it would be nice if there were more
5. Doing the right stuff, just need to keep it up 🙂
6. Good mixture of news & blogs. Keep the good work up. hail hail
7. TCN make sense well done for the idea in doing it. After all Celtic is 1 big family of supporters around the world apart from the celtic website itself this should be the next site any celtic supporter or any other supporter should visit and realise what it really means to support Celtic and find out any other information about the club .
8. I think tcn is a cracking site, like how it links up to most sites and blogs.
9. For someone not too IT literate I don’t always recognise existance of new blogs right away. Can they be made more prominent on the site. This encourages more visits to the site and perhaps more visitor participation. Keep up good work !

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