At long last. Celtic take action

Not being someone who buys or reads the Daily Record on any of the other scandal rags served up as newspapers in Scotland I only found out late last night about this latest irresponsible article.
I am delighted to see that the club have issued the following statement:

By: Newsroom Staff on 17 Sep, 2011 15:44

CELTIC Football Club has issued a statement on a Daily Record article printed today.

The newspaper carried a back page headline asking: “WHO’S MORE HATED AT IBROX? (Is it Lennon or the taxman?)”.
A spokesperson for Celtic Football Club commented:
“Clearly, given the year Neil Lennon and his family have experienced – with bombs, bullets, death threats and physical assaults – this kind of reporting is inflammatory, highly irresponsible and quite simply offensive.   For this newspaper to treat the matter in this insensitive and ill-judged manner is astonishing.
Celtic has today been inundated with complaints from supporters relating to this story and the Club fully understands their feelings on this issue.
There is no question, on the eve of a Rangers v Celtic match to use “Lennon, “Hate” and “Ibrox” in a newspaper headline is extremely irresponsible.
Neil Lennon, his coaching staff and the Celtic players are very disappointed at this reporting and have jointly decided that they will not be co-operating with journalists from The Daily Record.
It is only right that the newspaper delivers a suitable retraction and apology.
Neil Lennon as always will continue to receive the full support of everyone at the Club.” 
This statement is long over due.
For too long the club has maintained cooperation with that paper and others in this country who are guilty of not only anti Celtic biases but also stoking the flames of hatred.
For Celtic fans who still buy this and other publications or even visit their websites please sto p and think before you do it.
Remember that everytime you even visit their websites you are helping them to make money from advertising. If no-one visits they can not sell or make money from advertisiers.
The Celtic Network was developed to give Celtic fans a viable alternative to visiting these sites. It is clear to see through the partners we have that Celtic fans now have access to some of the best fans journalsim on the web.
For those Celtic fans who still buy these rags.You can’t complain about what they write if you are supporting them with your hard earned cash.
It’s time for Celtic fans to get their news for Celtic FC and quality Celtic fans sites. The media game has changed forever it’s about time that we supporters changed how we play the game.
Mon The Hoops.

3 thoughts on “At long last. Celtic take action

  1. As I always say JC…. Total refusal to give these monkeys the time of day, someone posted the headline on Facebook and that’s the only reason I’ve seen it.
    Childlike journalism at best, inflammatory at worst.

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