Rangers 4 – Celtic 2, Who's Laughing Now ?

Celtic found totally inadequate…Again

We we all had a good laugh leading up to this game. A right good laugh at the state of Rangers finances and a right good laugh at them being out of Europe..oh what a laugh ! The sad thing is all we done was set ourselves up for a massive fall.
So how did we do in Europe? Well we got beat due mainly to poor defensive play and a midfield who sat too deep. So that wasn’t the end of the world we still had the chance to go and beat Rangers, that team that are up to their knees in debt and about to go bust. So how did we do against them?
We not only lost but we managed to play even worse than we did in Madrid and the previous matches against Sion. There’s a big lesson here. Better to keep your trap shut until your actually good at something.
We played for 15 mins today but unfortunately the game lasts 90 mins and during that time you need to work hard. There is only one thing that stood out today and that was that just like the past few seasons when they won the league Rangers are far more hungry than Celtic.
I don’t know what the managers thinking was with the opening line up. Why sacrifice a 4-4-2 system that has seen us win the vast majority of our games? Why sacrifice Joe Ledley? What is wrong with playing Hooper and Stokes from the start?
It’s time to stick to our game and stop tinkering around to the benefit of any other team it’s not as if we were playing Barcelona or Man Utd.
A lesson should be learned today by all Celtic fans. Lets concentrate on the short comings and under investment in our club before we have a “laugh” at other clubs who are more successful at lifting silverware.
Rangers FC may be in a bad way but their team played us off the park today and showed a hunger that we could not match. Not only that they opened up a gap in the SPL giving themselves some breathing space.
Time for some inward reflection at Celtic Park

5 thoughts on “Rangers 4 – Celtic 2, Who's Laughing Now ?

  1. Agree with your comments, we were woeful for most of the game. Also agree we should forget about their finances, they are making us look bloody stupid. One more thing get Lennon and the majority of his signings to “F” out of it, he is mince as manager, and most of his signings are gash!

  2. Is It Just me or can anyone else tell me why the f*ck Sammydumbarse is being givin free run in a team that cant play with him in it…..Lennon isnt working he constantly gets the team selelction and tactics wrong…..get rid of Lennon / Sammy / Brown / Ki / Kayal / and everyone of the dopey arsed defenders……We need Playmakers not Placators what a bunch of wasters get players that can read a ball play a ball

  3. I can’t disagree with you Mike. However we need to ask questiond of the board in regards to how much backing they gave the manager. Any Celtic manager would struggle with the lack of real funds over the past 4-5 years.

  4. We seriously need to give Martin O’Neill a call to come in and sort this mess out!!
    Defenders who cant defend, dropping form midfielders and playing the greek tragedy i’m afraid Neil makes too many bad calls and we should be beating them not making them look good

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