New Additions to TCN site

Following on from the user survey we ran over the past few weeks we have decided to carry out a couple of changes immediately to enhance your user activity on TCN.
We have introduced two new sections:

  • TCN User Feedback to allow our users to give us feedback and suggestions on how we can improve user experience and TCN in general.
  •  Celtic Fans View to encourage you to give your opinions on Celtic FC , Players, team, Manager, board of directors etc.
We have also put an ad on the front page of the site asking for Bloggers and Writers to contribute and enhance the blog section of the site. We would be delighted to welcome new contributors as the blog will get stale with only one person giving their view.


We intend to bring in more new additions and enhancements when version 2 of TCN is released. Until then we hope these new additions will help you interact better with TCN and fellow Celtic supporters.
Hail, Hail

2 thoughts on “New Additions to TCN site

  1. Site getting better
    Missing some quality sites though
    Celtic Hub is easily the most visited and popular Celtic blog outside CQN and Fanzone is a very decent site.
    Keep up the good work but get these two added

  2. I Would love to add Celtic Hub as well as Celtic Underground, Celtic Minded and KDS but I can only add sites who want to be part of TCN.
    Hail, Hail

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