A win is a win as BBC Scotland Fail

Ross County 0 – Celtic 2

Last night the cup threw up a few surprises the fact that the Celtic defence is still ropey was not one of them.
The game turned out to be a traditional cup tie full of tough tackles and plenty of running on a soaking pitch in the driving rain. The weather favoured no one but over the piece Celtic managed to retain the ball that bit better than their opponents.
Big Charles Mulgrew had another good game an went someway to making up for Sundays over enthusiastic performance. Hooper and stokes were back together and showed throughout the game why they should never be split up against any team. For me Kayal and Ledley in the middle were the key to this Celtic win. Another pair who should never be split up against anyone.
Joe Ledley teed up the first goal for Garry Hooper. Charlie Mulgrew whipped in a good corner which was met by Stokes who played a clever ball back across the goals to Ledley who powered a header down towards the goals where Garry Hooper was waiting to tap the ball over the line.
The four players who took part in the goal should always be on the team sheet. These guys have proved themselves as key players over the past year.
With Celtic one nil up and looking slightly more comfortable I never really seen us loosing the game. However there were a few close calls with County hitting the post and having a few shots which drew saves from Forster.
The final goal was an OG turned in by Boyd after some good work from Forrest and Stokes. All in all not the greatest display but in the main it was professional and we progressed in the cup meaning that the Treble is still on.

BBC Sportsound

What a pathetic third rate performance from this outfit. Poor camera angles, poor commentating and absolute drivell talked in the studio. I’ve seen better coverage given to games in the lower English league that what we the Licence payers had to endure last night.
We all know that BBC Scotland will sink to any level to make our club and supporters look bad and last night we heard another example of their obsession. Prior to Anthoney stokes being substitutes all the commentators could go on about was how much of a negative reaction Stokes would give when he was subbed. They actually spoke about keeping the cameras on him as “may get a reaction yet”…
Absolutely disgraceful however hardly surprising given that they are still happy to employ two people who told lies about the Celtic support during the Scottish cup final. It should be noted that up until now we have still not had an apology from BBC Scotland or the two who told the lie.

1 thought on “A win is a win as BBC Scotland Fail

  1. I watched this last night in company of a st johnstone fan and his girlfriend.
    They could not believe the anti Celtic comments from the staff last night.
    ” I’m only surprised they are not wearing county scarfs”
    I’m used to it.
    The best way is to just win Celtic.
    F*ck the BBC.

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