Celtic Fans Media. So far ahead of the game.

The Celtic Network was created to give Celtic fans a credible alternative to mainstream media and after the first two months we’re delighted to announce that we are starting to deliver.
We have already had 50,809 unique visitors with roughly 8,000 of those visitors leaving the site to visit our partner sites. Most sites would moan about that amount of visitors leaving to go on to other sites but we are delighted with the numbers and we hope that over time the numbers will increase.
The idea of having a central Celtic fans information hub seems to be working but to be honest we always knew it would simply because of the quality of independent Celtic fans sites.
If you take a look at through our partner sites you could not help but be impressed by the quality of fans journalism and regular podcasts both at home and abroad. What makes this even more impressive is the fact that the vast majority of these fans are willing to give up their own time  to provide quality media which is freely accessible to all Celtic fans.
Recently the bar has been raised by CQN in the shape of their new magazine and TV output. This is a great step forward because it’s only a matter of time before other Celtic fans sites follow in CQN’s foot steps.
As Celtic fans we should be very proud of what has been achieved by all our independent media outlets which are second to none. It is TCN’s mission to encourage as many Celtic fans as possible to turn away from the tired old biassed media and embrace the new free Cyber Tims media.
Thanks for your support so far.
This is only the beginning.

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