Celtic Fans Should Back The Green Brigade

Supporting your team is not a crime

Today the Green Brigade staged a silent protest against the criminalisation of football supporters and in particular the constant harassment of fans in and around area 111. Unfortunately I had to miss the game today but had I been there I would have backed the Green Brigade to the hilt.

GB Statement posted by HuddleHound http://yfrog.com/mniw6lbj
While there is a need for the implementation of the thretening communications part of this proposed bill the “Offensive behaviour” part of the bill is ill thought out and practically unenforceable. This section of the proposed act is nothing more than the blanket criminalisation of football supporters.
Racism and sectarianism runs through our society it does not begin and end with football fans. This is nothing more than a diversion tactic invented by the Police and politicians to cover their own failures.
For years these people stood back and let supporters of Glasgow’s other club belt out racist and sectarian songs. Rather than tackle them under existing legislation they willingly let them away with it. Now to cover their ineptitude they want to bring in this shambles of a bill.
As pointed out by the Green Brigade our songs are neither sectarian or racist therefore it beggars they would want to pursue the Celtic support.
The Green Brigade bring an unique atmosphere to Celtic park and away grounds. They are not law breakers, they are simply fans who want to support our team and therefore in return the deserved to be backed by the rest of the support. No section of our support should be subjected to ill treatment or harassment from stewards and the Police and if this is the case then the rest of us have to stand shoulder to shoulder with them.

The Green Brigade protest

The Huddle another great Green Brigade innovation

6 thoughts on “Celtic Fans Should Back The Green Brigade

  1. Funny a few weeks ago you were clamouring for our fans to stop singing some songs. You ran a poll then claimed the fans had spoken.
    Not just you mind but your pal Phil Mac. Several people commented and said where this legislation was heading but instead of uniting the fans yourself and phil seemed intent on causing division to suit whatever agenda you have

  2. We simply asked Celtic fans which songs they found acceptable and they gave us their answers. We have no agenda other than to promote Celtic fans sites and all that is best about Celtic Football Club.
    If you can find any article on this site where we tell people what they should or should not be singing I’ll donate £100 to a charity of your choice. I think you’ll find that we said “We leave it up to everyone to make their own personal judgements”.

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