What to do with The Green Brigade ?

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TCN Backs the Green Brigade in their current stance against this new proposed law and the harassment of football fans. We also back freedom of speech and expression of Celtic’s Irish heritage.
However in common with the majority who voted in our previous polls we would like to see an end to the IRA and anti Orange/protestant add ons to our traditional Irish songs. Never mind what the others sing or add on we as a support are better than them.

2 thoughts on “What to do with The Green Brigade ?

  1. What do you expect in a country that is mostly anti catholic. it one rule for them and another for us. im a proud catholic republican , but all you here from the rangers support is worse. alot of the celtic support are pro ira anti orange but dont say it. if it wasn’t for the green brigade the support would be f*ck all.

  2. We need the Green Brigade and no messin, without them the atmosphere at most games would be zilch. As for the singing I agree get rid of IRA and anti Protestant, but anti orange, don’t think so!

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