Neil Lennon Attack Air Brushed From History ?

Celtic have to return to the hate filled atmosphere of  Tynecastle on Sunday therefore all this week there have been news reports on the TV.
The one thing that’s noticeable in these reports is that Neil Lennon was not attacked by a thug at Tynecastle he was “approached”, “harassed” and “ran at” and all because a thug by the name of John Wilson was let off by a jury of his Edinburgh peers.
The truth is we all know that Neil was both attacked and assaulted and also according to a witness under oath was called a Fenian bastard. This should never be forgotten or swept under the carpet.
I was honestly hoping that Celtic fans would have boycotted that vile venue however that is not practical or fair to the team.
It has always been my opinion that Hearts fans are the most vile fans in Scotland. I have been to Glasgow Derbies both at Celtic Park and Ibrox and apart for a few occasions back in the seventies and early eighties I have never been assaulted, attacked or chased by Rangers fans in fact mostly it was the Police doing the attacking. However I have been attacked, seen others attacked chased and assaulted by Hearts supporters both in Glasgow and Edinburgh. The last occasion I seen an elderly Celtic fan being spat on and punched in the face. My self and a few others went to his aid and where pelted with bottles and bricks it was a deliberate ambush. On another occasion I had a firework launched at me.
All in all I can recall being on the receiving end of this vile support on around 10 occasions so much so that I stopped going to Tynecastle years ago.
So taking all this into account I hope Celtic go there and give them a right going over.
Mon the Hoops.


4 thoughts on “Neil Lennon Attack Air Brushed From History ?

  1. Who can forget them singing your not singing any-more to a Celtic fan being treated for a cardiac arrest.

  2. Shocking that Nothing else has been done about hearts and this Scum but don’t Have a go at Edinbugh people I’m from Edinburgh does that make me a member off the Jurry. To then that’s my Twitter name so feel free to discus this with me bhoys

    1. Well it was a Jury in Edinburgh that cleared him of assault. They had the option to drop the sectarian element of the assault and still convict him of the charge of common assault but for some reason they never.
      Edinburgh people are cool but that Jury was bent.

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