Fans Agaisnt Criminalisation – New Campaign against anti-Football Bill

Today saw the launch of Fans against Criminalisation. 
It was backed by the Celtic Trust web site Complete with a Launch statement that you can read HERE .
We would ask that all Celtic fans and fans of other clubs support this new campaign by following and liking the Facebook page which has been set up .
We would all like to see an end to Sectarianism ,Racism and Bigotry especially us Celtic fans who have mainly been on the receiving end but this bill is completely flawed, ill thought out and an attack on freedom of speech and expression. It also singles out football fans as scapegoats for social problems that politicians and the Police have failed to address.
Today the Labour Party refused to back this bill which is to be welcomed. It’s a pity that the Labour Party and other parties were too quick to jump on Mr Salmond’s band waggon before the last election, alas that’s politicians for you.
“The overwhelming weight of legal opinion is against the new law as being both unnecessary and impractical”. A senior law figure
There are huge concerns being voiced across the legal establishment and human rights activists. You can make your way through some of these links and you will find that this law is not only impracticable but is also Unnecessary.


The time has come for football fans to make their voices heard. Regardless of who you support please back this campaign and contact your MSP and tell them that you are against this law.
You can find your local MSP here:


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