Scotzine tell TCN to get our facts straight. So we have.

Maybe from now on they will do the same.

On sunday 25th of September Andy M – The Editor of published an article on the Green Brigades protest against the Offensive Behaviour at Football and. Threatening Communications (Scotland) Bill .
Included in the article was a blog posted on TCN which was passed off as a statement from the Green Brigade web site. Not only that but the article seemed to question why TCN should ask for fans to support the Green Brigade in their stance when we had published polls on what songs fans thought were acceptable at Celtic Park.
This was our reply and part of the subsequent reply from the Editor of Scotzine.

Note the highlighted areas in Scotzine reply
Today was the first time we have seen the reply and to tell the truth we are quite astonished Scotzine’s Editor tried to mislead both TCN and its readers regarding the blog they printed which they claimed was from the Green Brigade site. We were also advised in the reply to get our facts straight. Therefore we are more than happy to do that and present the facts to everyone who is interested in facts.
Below are two images. The first one was taken from the Scotzine web site on 25th of September 2011. The second imaged was taken from the Scotzine web site on 5th of October 2011. Please click to enlarge.
from the Scotzine web site on 25th of September 2011
from the Scotzine web site on 5th of October 2011
Did you spot the difference ?  The facts are that Scotzine DID publish a TCN blog and claimed it WAS a Green Brigade statement taken from their web site. We also highlighted this mistake which we published on 25/092011.
Genuine mistakes can be made by anyone writing an article but it’s always better to hold your hands up and admit it rather that alter the blog and try to cover it up and a print misleading reply. That is simply not professional.

1 thought on “Scotzine tell TCN to get our facts straight. So we have.

  1. Why do people still give this Scotzine character the time of day?
    And what’s all this “we” and “the scotzine team” bollocks. It’s one person uploading articles, hiding behind the notion it’s a group of them so that he’s solely blamed for all the nonsense he spouts.
    I’m sure there are other people who e-mail in the odd article, but the Scotzine website is Andy Muirhead’s personal website. It’s full of second rate articles, poorly researched pieces, and lifted news stories.

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