AGM – What would you ask the board ?

Tomorrows AGM will be watched closer than any other in recent times. Many fans will be looking for a statement of intent from the board as to how they plan to take the club forward in a more progressive manner than we have witnessed over the past 5 years.
The current board could never be accused of frittering money away but the consensus amongst an increasing amount of the support is that ‘current fiscal policy is damaging the clubs standing and quality of the product‘. Translating this into normal speak the standard of player we are bringing in is dropping and the football team is suffering.
While the board should be applauded for freezing season ticket prices over the past few years and investing is a state of the Art training facility at Lennoxtown they do seem to be slipping on finding new ways of generating cash for player investment.

Ian Bankier
It is to be hoped that incoming Chairman Ian Bankier who has both a legal and marketing background can make moves to change this. Celtic really need to start making inroads into finding new forms of generating fresh capital for investment. As things stand now they can’t really expect the support at home or abroad to spend any more money than we already do on tickets and merchandise while there is a major global recession.
Obviously given the recession it will be a major challenge to find new investment but on the other hand football is a form of entertainment and people all over the world are always looking to be entertained or invest money in a good entertainment product with a strong brand. Celtic FC does have a strong brand and therefore this must be capitalised on.
Taking this into account my question would be:
“Can the board engineer a situation where Celtic FC can sell it’s own TV and Media rights out with the SPL” ?
As I said Celtic FC has a strong brand identity and could be better sold globally if we were not hand cuffed to the nanny goat that is the SPL.
It would be great to hear our readers what question you would ask. So what would your question to the board be ?

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