And Now For Something Completely Different.

The International break has gave us time to lick our wounds and now that we have the AGM out of the way we have no distractions. Time to move on.
We have a good record at Rugby Park and I don’t see why that should change tomorrow. We’re now drinking in the last chance saloon as far as the title goes and I’m sure the Manager and his players know that but I do think we can start to build our season on a decent result tomorrow.
I’ve watched Celtic and Scottish football for forty plus years and I can assure the younger members of our support that over those seasons there have been teams trailing the league leaders buy a hefty margin and still won the league. Every season I always take the view that it takes till the end of October before you can start to see teams hitting their stride.
Now Celtic are cutting it a bit fine and it takes guts and commitment. We are ten points behind with a game in hand so there is no room for slip ups. We need a run of wins as a draw will kill us as much as a loss  but it can be done.
Old fashioned saying but lets just take it one game at a time focus on the SPL games and do not risk any players who may be carrying a slight injury in the Europa League which is now nothing but a distraction.
Keep The Faith, Mon The Hoops.

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