Eight Months for Bigot

Bigot Stephen Birrell was Jailed today for eight months for posting anti Irish and anti Catholic sectarian comments on a facebook page.
Birrell admitted publishing ‘religiously prejudiced abuse’ between February and March this year. We won’t publish his vile comments We’ll leave that to others.
Birrell is just the latest bigot to have been found guilty this year under existing Scot’s Law therefore this only goes to prove that we have sufficient laws to deal with these people.
Bearing this in mind we need to ask again. WHY do we need this new legislation making it’s way through the Scot’s Parliament just now?
No doubt there are some areas of on line law that need strengthened but there is clearly no need for the “Offensive Behaviour at Football” part of the act.
Every case that goes through the court where defendants are found guilty of hate crimes only goes to prove that there is no need for a law that discriminates football supporters.

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