Good news for Motherwell fans – It's not just them

Who would have thought it, racism and sectarianism in Scottish Junior football ?

Police caution fan for waving 8ft swastika at football match

Published on Thursday 18 February 2010 09:02

A FAN has been cautioned by police for waving a swastika – at a junior football match.
The supporter – a man in his 20s – was spotted by officers at an ill-tempered Emirates Scottish Junior Cup tie between Bathgate Thistle and Bo’ness United at the weekend. 
Officers at the match at Creamery Park in Bathgate warned the Bo’ness supporter who was sitting in the main stand to take down the 8ft flag which was emblazoned with the Nazi emblem. 
It came after complaints about sectarian singing in the town’s pubs before the game, and sick chants by away supporters during the match relating to the murder of Vicky Hamilton.
So there you have it proof that this disease filters through every tier of Scottish life.
One bright spot in this sad affair came from a real football fan who said:
There’s no need for that in society, never mind at a football game. No one minds a bit of rivalry between clubs, especially at Scottish Cup games where a bit of needle is expected, but that is completely out of order.“It’s got absolutely nothing to do with football. Their grandads probably fought and died against the Nazis.
Well said that man

So now we have exposed some Motherwell fans and Junior football fans displaying racist and sectarian behaviour. It’s nothing personal against Motherwell or junior football fans but people need to understand that this country is riddled with this cancer. The truth is that these people did not learn this stuff at football games or school they learned it from friends and relatives, from their own social circles and not football.
If you disbanded football tomorrow these people would find somewhere else to vent their hatred. That’s why this current “Offensive behaviour at football” bill is nothing more than a farce. Are we meant to believe that there is no offensive behaviour at Golf, Rugby , Cricket or in normal life ?
Gie’s peace.

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