Help Raise money for the Phil O'Donnell Trust

Not much more I can say about Phil O’Donnell that’s not already been said before other to restate that he was a very decent human being. One of the legacys of Phil’s life is the Phil O’Donnell Trust. I had a look online to see if the trust had a web site but all I found was this tribute page to Phil .
However you can support the trust and get a good read into the bargain by buying Celtic fan Paul Larkin’s latest book “Wims Tims”. The story of the season Celtic halted 10 in a row and sponed the ledgend of “Smell the glove”.
All profits from the book are being are being donated to the Phil O’Donnell Trust.You can purchase the book here:
You can also donate to the trust here
Hail, Hail


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