Fans Against Criminalisation – The petition

We have followed the lead of other sites and added the Celtic Fans Against Criminalisation petition app to our site. No only will it be available on the front page of this site but we will also add it to every blog post we make until the petition closes.
We are asking everyone who visits TCN to consider signing the petition as we feel that this is a seminal moment not just in Scottish football but in Scottish society in general. Whether you believe it or not the fact is that this ill thought out legislation if it comes into force will impact on you and every other football supporter in Scotland.
We can’t speak for F.A.C but it is our opinion that for this petition to make an impact it will need several more thousand signatures. This can be easily achieved if Celtic fans on line act together and help spread the message about this petition.
Here are some basic things you can do to help get more supporters to sign.

  • If you have a web site visit the petition page and click on “Help promote this petition with a widget on your site”. Then just copy the code and paste it into your site.
  • Re tweet this blog or any other Celtic fans page like F.A.C or the CSA so that your followers are aware.
  • Post a link on your facebook page or profile
  • Email the link to fellow fans
If we all do one or more of things we will succeed in adding thousands of supporters names to the petition.
The people involved with F.A.C are doing a great job in raising awareness about the dangers and sheer unfairness of this proposed bill. They are working hard on our behalf to organise events that will give us all a chance to let the SNP know that we won’t be used as scapegoats for society’s ills. The least the rest of us can do is sign the petition and show this government that there are thousands of future votes at stake.
Hail, Hail

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