4 Dunfermline fans arrested for alleged racial chanting towards Celtic fans

Well this is a turn up for the books. It will be interesting to see the press coverage of this. The story comes from a Radio Clyde News tweet today.

Am I right in thinking that Mr Keevins gets a wage from Radio Clyde ? If so he can’t have missed the story so I look forward to hearing about him writing a rant totally condemning this in which ever rag he writes for. After all I believe he’s had enough to say about the Celtic support and illicit chants.

Another gutter hack who I’m sure will right pages about this will be James “Lamb” Traynor who has used his radio show and whatever rag he writes for to slander the Green Brigade who I must point out are anti racists.
Who am I trying to kid ? The Laptop Loyal won’t really apply the same level of vile ignorance and get tore into this story. They will simply say “It’s not acceptable” drag the Green Brigade and the Celtic support into it somewhere and that will be an end to it.
If you want a first hand account of this we suggest you read our partner sites blog at http://ultimatecelticnews.wordpress.com/2011/11/24/celts-beat-parsbut-travelling-support-looking-for-trouble/

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