Celt's close the "league winning" Gap.

Well done to Neil Lennon and his players for the hard work they have put into closing the gap at the top of the table to only 4pts. Obviously there are still plenty of tough games coming up and the Bhoys will need to keep up and improve over the next few months. However a four point deficit is nothing at this time of the season.
Our destiny is back in our own hands now and that’s to the players credit. I bet that Mr Jelavic is glad that he won’t be around long enough to eat his words. This is the guy who declared the SPL race was over and that Celtic would never catch his team. Learn a lesson Mr J, never underestimate our desire and hunger.
What we have now is a good platform to launch the rest of our season. Nothing more nothing less but we are now in a far better place than we were one month ago. Is there any link between Celtic getting some impressive wins home and away with the other team starting to stutter ? Time will tell.
What we have in our favour along with a good work ethic is the return of top players over the next month or so. Our players know the disappointment of loosing out last season. That experience should stand them in good stead as the season progresses.
The manager and the players have sent out a strong message to the SPL. The Celts are here !
Hail, Hail

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