Scott Brown – Get this sorted ASAP!

This season has been challenging enough so the last thing we need is a Pantomime going on behind the scenes. Especially when it involves not just a senior player but the club captain.
The will he won’t he saga involving Scott Brown, his agent and Celtic has now become a tedious affair to many. From what we have been told the stumbling block appears to be who pay’s the agent’s or as I see them vampire’s fee.
That’s all any of us know at the minute. If this is the case then to me it’s easily resolved. Brown employs his agent therefore it’s down to Brown to pay the agent not Celtic FC. Whether there is more to this I’m not qualified to say. I’ve heard nothing to the contrary for any reliable source.
What I do know is the longer this goes on the larger the distraction it becomes and leaves us wide open to the laptop loyal spinning their own stories which you can bet will paint the club as mean penny pincher’s. If that becomes the case many fans will just turn on Brown and that will make it very difficult for him to retain any respect with the support.
Over his time with Celtic Brown in the main has not been the player we thought we were buying. A good deal of this is down to the way WGS’ deployed Brown and the injuries he has picked up. I personally believe it was only last season we seen the player we had bought from Hib’s when he was operating on the right of a 4 man midfield.
The manager obviously values Browns combative and energetic approach to the game otherwise he would not be offering him a new long term deal. If the deal offered was just for 2 years to make sure we got money it would probably have been concluded in the summer. However from what I have learned it is a five year deal so that would indicate the Brown is a key component in Lennon’s vision for the future.
The time is approaching for the Club to play hard ball. No one want’s a player who will be off in the summer for nothing. In my opinion Celtic should give Brown a deadline to sign by mid December. If he fails to do this then we just alert everyone and anyone who is interested that he’s for sale in January.
As I said at the start this has been a challenging season the last thing I want to see is this sideshow carrying on into the second half of the season when we will need unity and no distractions.
Personally I’m already at the stage where I don’t really care whether he stays or goes but if he is going to go the January will suit me fine.
Hail, Hail

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