Brian Wilson: Let the people sing

Can I point anyone who has not yet realised the ramifications of this proposed bill to read this article by Brian Wilson in The Scotsman today.
This article is from an intelligent and articulate person who puts a strong case for scrapping the proposed bill.

Brian Wilson: Let the people sing – yes, even football supporters

Published on Wednesday 30 November 2011 01:20

The Scottish Government is attacking symptoms rather than root causes with its attempt at a new form of censorship

LET ME open with a voluntary confession for Scotland’s Song Police: I know all the words of Kevin Barry and have been heard to sing them. Indeed, I think the last time was in the drawing room of Hillsborough Castle when the portrait of Lord Brookeborough glaring down at us made the temptation irresistible. “Another martyr for Old Ireland, another murder for the Crown”, and all that.
The reason I know the words is that I am the product of youthful conditioning, just as all of us are. We are brought up with traditions, values and our parents’ beliefs. As we grow older, we sort them out in our adult heads. We determine our own versions of right and wrong. We choose our own songs. I was brought up to detest sectarianism, support republicanism over monarchy, follow Celtic and regard Irish unification as a just cause. I have never seen reason to regret any strand of that DNA. Just to confuse (though there are no contradictions involved), I was not from a Catholic background.
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