no further action over ‘unacceptable conduct’ ?

So just what was the ‘unacceptable conduct’ that day? I was at the game and the demo and march before hand and the only  ‘unacceptable conduct’ I and other supporters witnessed was from Strathclyde Police officers diving in to section 111 near the end of the game.
We have been told that ‘Pro IRA’ songs are at the root of this. So what exactly is a ‘Pro IRA’ song. Does it refer to The boys of the old Brigade. An Irish folk song written by Paddy McGuigan about the Irish War of Independence (1919-1921) and the anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. Or is it songs praising the PIRA during the modern day struggle ? Is it the chant of ‘ooh ah up the Ra’ one line from a song which describes a peice of grafiti on a wall or is it ‘Paddy McCourt’s Fenian Army’ ?
The reason I’m asking is because guy’s like Eddie Smith are quick enough to report us to the authorities but do not even have the courtesy to inform either The Celtic board or the Celtic support which songs they find offensive or are viewed as ‘unacceptable conduct’ at a football match.
To muddy the waters even more STV tonight declares that the SPL would not be taking further action on ‘Sectarian Singing’ by Celtic fans at the Hibs game even although there web page declared it was ‘unacceptable conduct’ the club were up for . So where did this ‘sectarian singing’ charge come from ? As far as we the support were told it was meant to be ‘illicit’ singing. I wish these people lining up to put their two bobs worth in would stick to the one story.
This article is not about the right and wrong of singing certain songs at matches. That debate has been ongoing on this and other Celtic fans sites. It’s about the Support getting clarifications from Police, Football authorities, The Judiciary and Celtic FC on what is considered as offensive.
It’s about time supporters were treated with the respect we deserve.
Hail, Hail

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