IRA Chants Poll results

The question was After Celtic being fined by UEFA is it time to stop chanting pro IRA songs and add ons at games?
The results were as follows
Yes: 137
No: 17
Still not sure: 4

Poll Results
You can also read the feedback from the original article here: A new poll on IRA Chants
We have also included replies we got on Twitter to the same question.
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Once again it’s not for TCN or myself to tell people what to sing at Celtic games However it seems clear enough from this poll and the comments and previous polls that we have conducted that the majority of those who have taken part want an end to Pro IRA songs and add ons at Celtic games.
For my part I enjoy a good belting out Republican and IRA songs but I keep it for the house and the pubs and clubs where I’m with like minded people but I do not sing them at Celtic games because I’m there to support Celtic and no one else. Therefore I would like to see an end to these chants at the game.
Thanks to everyone who took part in the poll and took the time to leave comments on Twitter and TCN.
If you would like to see the results of a more in depth poll we carried out months ago go Here.

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