Udinese v Celtic Back to the football

Udineses v Celtic
It’s time to get back to the football. And that’s what this site will be concentrating on for the rest of the season. Enough time has been spent on all this songs malarkey. It’s time to get on with what we are all here for. Supporting the greatest football club on the planrt. Celtic FC.
So we’re up against the current number two side in Italy, we’re away from home and no one gives us a cats chance in hell of beating them and qualifying for the last 32. Perfect, this is just the type of situation our club love. Throughout our history we have proved time and time again that we fear no one. We are Celtic fc and we play to win.
What gives me heart is that since this group started we as a team have improved with every game and we were very unlucky not to take 3pts at Celtic park against Udinese. Our game plan tonight will not be pretty but it does not need to be. What it needs to be is professional, patient and potent when we get a chance and we will get chances. We have players in midfield and up front who are capable of tearing through teams  with precision passing and deadly finishing.
I’ll leave it up to Lenny to pick the team as he’s more seldom right than wrong. I’m sure all the bhoys will give there all for themselves and the support.
Hail, Hail and MON THE HOOPS 

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