St Johnstone 0 Celtic 2 (no refs required)

Great shift from the bhoys today. I was all about when the goals were scored not if the goals were Scored. Considering this was a post Euro game the team really worked their socks off. And they had to considering the kicking our team took. A nice welcome back to the SPL back water was served up by St Johnstone and a ref who thought kicking Celtic players was a fair thing.
The truth is that Celtic totally dominated this game despite the best efforts of the opposition to kill it. Unfortunately this is what we have to live with in the SPL. However we should concentrate on the positives. This Celtic team seem determained to play football regardles of what the oposition want to play. Like last weeks game against Hearts football won over anti football.
It can be frustrating at times but the truth is if you keep on playing football you will win far more than you loose.
In the second half St Johnstone tried to come out and get a quick goal. That never worked so the game reverted to type, Celtic simply stuck to their game and got the rewards. Once again Gary Hooper showed the poachers instinct we have missed for a good few years and put us one up. Big Sammy once again showed that he can rag doll a defence out of position and basically tier them out.
Ki’s goal was testiment to Sammy’s work. An over stretched defence letting a midfielder draw off to a free  position to score.
This was a team performance and that’s what football is all about.
Well done Celtic and thanks for the 3pts.
Note to the SFA Referees. Must work Harder! 🙂

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