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 Scotland’s voice for spina bifida, hydrocephalus and related conditions.
I was chatting to a fellow Celtic fan about the joys of getting out and about meeting up with other Celtic fans over the festive period. He was telling me that if was difficult for him to attend many of these gatherings because of family commitments and having a child who suffers from a form of Spina Bifida. It was one of those conversations that help put things in to perspective.
As you know a key element of TCN is to raise awareness and support for charities and good causes but as we have stated in the past along with our Partner charities we are happy to raise awareness of any good cause that individual Celtic fans bring to our attention. Therefore as our first ever Christmas charity spotlight we would like you to consider supporting the Scottish Spina Bifida Association.
Here is some information from the SSBA web site.
Spina Bifida is a fault in the spinal column in which one or more veterbrae (the bones which form the backbone) fail to form properly, leaving a gap or split, causing damage to the nervous system.
The central nervous system and spine develops between the 14th and 23rd day after conception. Spina bifida occurs when the neural tube fails to close correctly. The vertebrae also fail to close in complete rings around the affected portion of the spinal cord. This leaves a gap at the back, involving one or more vertebrae. The fault may occur in one or more of the vertebrae but it is most common around waist-level.
Spina Bifida is one of a range of conditions all included under the umbrella term of “Neural Tube Defects”
Hydrocephalus: Most babies born with Spina Bifida have Hydrocephalus. In addition to the lesion in the spinal cord, there are abnormalities in the structure of certain parts of the brain that develop before birth. This prevents proper drainage of the CSF. The increase in pressure due to this can also compress the abnormal parts of the brain even further.
So over the Holiday season we would like to ask that you visit the SSBA web site to see the wonderful work and support the association carry out to help sufferers and their families.
Thanks to Liam Robson @FreeGellyBhoy For brining the good work of SSBA to our attention. We wish Liam and his family a Merry Xmas and a happy and peaceful 2012.

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