Celtic win Glasgow Derby with Pics

They are seldom classic games of silky football and last night certainly wasn’t but that does not matter to the winners. With the weather conditions as they were this was always going to be a war of attrition. Celtic went to war last night and won. The sheer determination by the bhoys not to be bullied was fantastic. Meanwhile in the stands the Celtic support were outstanding.
I’m glad we won because I can now say this without it sounding like sour grapes. RFC’s football philosophy is an absolute disgrace. Their whole mission last night was to kill football and not offer anything in return except for punting the ball up the park and trying to injure people who were trying to play football the way it should be.
There is no doubt that over the piece Celtic deserved to win the match. We had some top performers like Kayal,Brown,Wanyama, Mulgrew and Thomas Rogne. There’s not really much to write about football wise other than to reinforce the fact that Celtic won by putting in a shift and being well disciplined in the face of some aggressive challenges.
I’m proud of the team and our support last night. Lets just concentrate on winning our games and forget about the others.We are back on top of the league and it’s a great feeling
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