Maley's Bhoys Brighten KANO Kids Christmas

The Celtic Network is delighted to highlight the fantastic work done by Frank and  Maley’s Bhoys forum durining their Christmas with KANO campaign in 2011. Originally  the idea was to ask Celtic fans to donate surplus Celtic items like scarfs, books, badges and other memorabilia which would then be handed over to The KANO Foundation to give as gifts to less well off kids.
The original appeal was so successful that kind hearted Celtic fans started to donate framed signed Celtic shirts, Artwork and some historical pieces. Frank the administrator of  Maley’s Bhoys decided that it would be better to auction off these items to raise cash for KANO alongside the gifts. There was also an online raffle for some unique Celtic plates.
All in all Maley’s Bhoys forum managed to raise (with the generous help of the larger Celtic family); £1055 (which if they claim the 25% addition from the government through gift aid could rise to a maximum of £1318).
 The money raised allowed the KANO Foundation to host their first ever Christmas   party for around 80 kids, including one (might have been a few more) from Yorkhill. Sadly not all of the ill kids invited could make it.
The Christmas Party was held in the Celtic supporters club on London Road. All the kids got juice, crisps and a sweet on the way in, as well as a Celtic annual or calendar for the coming year.
They also got a lucky dip from all of the items donated to Maley’s Bhoys as Christmas presents (ie scarves, tops etc).
At the party itself, there was music, games, and face painting. Tea and coffee for the adults.
Hoopy the Huddle hound made an appearance for about 2 hours, signing stuff, talking to the kids and having photos taken.
Kris Commons also appeared for around an hour, and was overwhelmed with kids and adult’s alike wanting photos, autographs etc.
Finally, Santa made an appearance and all the kids got a picture or whatever, and then a bag of presents appropriate to their age.
The kids also got lunch, chips, chicken nuggets etc. They then had a couple of party games before they  went home.
The only cost any kid’s parents had to pay for the day was the transport to and from the venue, everything else was totally free.
I think the club covered the cost of the sweets juice etc, as well as the calendars and annuals. Aside from that though, to my knowledge, the rest was paid for by the money raised.
The photo albums of all the kids, and myself, can be found on the ‘Kano Foundation’ page on Facebook.
The STV news story can be found below:….stmas-surprise/
I kept in contact with Frank all the way through the campaign and can assure everyone that he put his heart, soul and a lot of work into making this a success. Congratulations to Frank and Maley’s Bhoys forum for keeping the spirit of Brother Walfrid alive and doing things the Glasgow Celtic Way.
You can visit Maley’s Bhoys forum here  On Twitter @MaleysBhoys or On Facebook Maley’s Bhoys

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