Ibrox Moonbeams back on the menu !

The Super Duper redevelopment of Ibrox has been trotted out by RFC PR with the help of the ever willing laptop loyal. Brilliant stuff and the timing is fantastic. It’s very seldom that you will find a link to old discredited media on TCN however we had to make an exception in this case to give you all a laugh.
The Evening Times have released an nice wee good news fairy tale just a week before the Big Tax case resumes. In reality the out come of this case is becoming less and less tied to the demise of RFC as the main problem seems to be cash flow. So there is now a good chance that they will go into admin even if they successfully appeal the Big Case. So the only development likely to go ahead in the Ibrox area is a brand new Tesco’s.
Rather than report the realities of the situation the Laptop Loyal are still willing to dish out Moonbeams for the RFC support.
So the Moonbeams are back ! Happy days are here again

Moonbeam Fairy tales

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