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The Celtic Network delighted to promote yet another worthy cause being championed by our partners at Maley’s Bhoy’s Forum. Fresh from their brilliantly successful ‘Christmas with KANO’ appeal they are now working towards gaining 1,000 signatures on a petition to present to Peter Lawwell asking that Celtic FC fully recognise Willie Maley’s life long commitment to the Club in the form of a permanent memorial. We would like to ask our readers to support this campaign.

From Maley’s Bhoys Forum http://www.maleysbhoys.com/index.cgi?board=celticchat&action=display&thread=447
The following is a letter which I plan to send to Celtic at some point in the future. This will be an open letter which any Celtic supporter can lend their support to, which asks the club to consider finally creating a fitting memorial to Celtic’s first, and longest serving manager, Willie Maley. He brought 30 major trophies to the club in his 43 years in charge, and I believe this needs to be recognised in some form (whether it is through the renaming of a stand, the designing of a statue or any other means).
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Hopefully, with enough support from the fans, those in charge of Celtic will finally honour this great man’s contribution to the football club properly.
Dear Mr Lawell,
I am sure that you would agree that Celtic is a football club like no other. Born in the impoverished East End of Glasgow in 1888, it has seen many managers, players, and staff throughout it’s almost 125 years in existence.
Undoubtedly, there is still a lengthy list of great names that deserve some sort of memorial at Celtic Park. Brother Walfrid has a statue, Jock Stein and his Lisbon Lions have stands named in their honour, (Jock Stein and Jimmy Johnstone have statues too), and Tommy Burns has a plaque, and rightly so. These men contributed so much to the football club that it is imperative their legacies are never forgotten.
However, in my opinion, there is one name that is overlooked far too often for such a memorial at Celtic Park; Willie Maley. Celtic’s first, and longest serving, manager led the club in that role for no less than forty three years (winning thirty major trophies along the way), and gave, in total, fifty two years of his life to the service of the club. It should also be remember that he played ninety six times for the club, including in Celtic’s first ever match, and scored two goals for the club. Without William Patrick Maley, Celtic Football Club simply would not be the same as it is today.
In the modern world, where managers are often lucky to be given more than a season or two in charge, it is hard to comprehend one man guiding a club through such a long period of history. When we consider the fact the club was formed in 1888, and the club’s second manager, Jimmy McStay only got the job in 1940, it is clear to see that Maley gave his life to the club, and should stand alongside the likes of Jock Stein in Celtic’s history.
In my mind, and in the minds of the undersigned on this petition, Celtic simply must do something to honour this man’s memory, not only so that he finally has the place at Celtic Park which he deserves, but equally so generations to come can be reminded of the man who, once Brother Walfrid launched the ship, steered it so lovingly and with such skill, for so long.
In summary, whether it is through the renaming of a stand at Celtic Park (which we feel would be the most fitting tribute to our first manager), the commissioning of a statue or a plaque, or something else entirely, I, and the undersigned, would like to know your plans to commemorate this man’s service to this football club, and, if you do not presently have any, would strongly urge you to begin looking at the various options open to you.
The man that coined the phrase, which perhaps sums Celtic up better than any other, deserves his eternal place amongst the greats at Celtic Park;
“It is not his creed nor his nationality which counts – it is the man himself.”
Yours Sincerely,
The Undersigned Celtic Supporters
Number of Signatures so far: 825
A link to the Celtic Wiki’s page which describes Willie Maley’s life can be found below:

10 thoughts on “Willie Maley Memorial by Maley's Bhoys

  1. i sign this petition on behalf of my great great grandad who worked with w.malley, his name was j.anderson you can see him in an early Celtic first team pic. yours Mr Stephen Redmond Glasgow

  2. i sign this petition on behalf of my great great grandad who worked with w.malley, his name was j.anderson you can see him in an early Celtic first team pic. yours Mr Stephen Redmond Glasgow

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