John Hartson for Wales

Big Bad John has declared himself interested in taking the Wales job after the sad loss of Gary Speed. It should be noted that John has no managerial experience whatsoever. Then again Neither did Neil Lennon and with no disrespect he has a far more pressurised job than the Welsh or Scottish international manager.
Sometimes it’s not about the experience at the end of the day you pick that up along the way. The main thing that John has is a real love for his country and a will to fight. Guy’s like @RobbieSavage8 say they would run through a brick wall for John Hartson. OK Savage won’t play again for Wales but he was also a fighter like Lenny NOT A FANCY DAN PLAYER BUT A GUY WHO WOULD GIVE YOU 100% in every game.
Wales have a fantastic young squad and what they need more than anything is someone with the same drive and passion as Gary Speed. International managers don’t have the need or time to train and develop players that is down to club managers therefore the most important feature an international manager needs is the ability to give the players a sense of purpose.
John Hartson has played for some of the biggest clubs in the world and been successful with them so he knows the score. The Welsh FA would do well to think on that.
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