The Ibrox Disaster was not and never will be something to laugh at.

The reason we have picked up on this subject is that last night on Twitter  all us Celtic fans were having a good laugh at Rangers expense with the Hash Tag #rangersmovies. There really was some funny stuff kicking off and there is no need for apologies because it was basically Celtic fans taking the piss out of our greatest rivals.
Unfortunately a Celtic fan @funkmasterdaryl Daryl macdonald thought it would be cool to make a sick joke about the Ibrox disaster  “Orange Crush” was the jist of the ‘ joke’. Thankfully he got hammered from his own support.
A couple of weeks ago we had a go at Rangers fans using child abuse as a means to have a dig at Celtic therefore we think that it’s only fair that we should expose those within our own support who think it’s funny to mock the death of 66 people who went to a football game and never made it home.
I’m old enough to remember football grounds from the 60’s, 70’s and the 80’s. The truth is given the state of the old grounds that type of accident could have happened to any of us at any time especially when people were leaving the ground.
Like Hillsborough the Ibrox disaster took the lives of football fans who were guilty of nothing more than going to a game to support their team.
We are really proud of the respect shown by the Celtic fans to those who lost their lives that day despite what the Liar Bill Leckie wrote in his rag last year. However there are those within our support who disgrace our club and humanity in general by mocking the death of fellow football fans and we should name and shame them.
We actually got a reply from Daryl which is about as convincing as Jeff Winter’s hacking excuse. We hope he and others learn from their mistakes.

The article below from August last year clearly demonstrates that there are some sick individuals going about. At the end of the day there are sick people like this in every walk of life and there is not a lot we can do about it. However we can do something about ridding our support and football in general of  people who use football clubs as means to vent their hatred.

Sick Facebook Page mocks the Ibrox Disaster 1971
by The Galveston Giant on Fri 19 Aug 2011, 7:44 pm
Sick Aberdeen and Celtic fans are mocking those who died in the Ibrox Disaster in 1971 on Social Network site Facebook. The page titled, ‘The Awkward Moment when Colin Stein scores and Everyone Falls down the Stairs’ has just over 200 ‘likes’ already, with its profile picture showing the mangled wreckage of the railings of Stairway 13.
The Page, which has already been reported to Facebook, mocks the second Ibrox Disaster on 2nd January 1971, when 66 fans were killed – many of whom were children and over 200 fans were injured.
There have been numerous comments from fans of both Celtic and Rangers venting their disgust at the creators of the page.
One sickened fan stated: “This is a disgrace! Whoever made this is needing shot!
While another said: “This is disgusting, imagine actually trying to joke about something like this.”
Despite widespread condemnation of the page, there were some who openly stated that the page was funny. Aberdeen fan Matt McGillivray mocked: “I must admit it is funny to see Govans finest come out too bemoan this page. Yet their ground is the number one hotspot for all kinds of bile.”
Fellow Dons fan Ross Gibson, who works for Alexander Duthie & Sons Ltd as a plumber, laughed: “They all fell down the stairs. The Rangers end was empty. They all fell down the stairs! Hahaha. Stand free.”
While Celtic fan Daniel McGlinchey stated: “Sick, but funny. Watch the stairs there lads.”
And fellow Celtic fan Mark Lynch implied that the page was not breaking any laws: “I don’t agree with this page, but to be honest theres nothing sectarian in it so what you all going on about??”
Celtic’s Greatest Ever Manager Jock Stein helped lift the injured and dying from the terraces that infamous day, with that haunting black and white image of Stein on the sidelines lifting a Rangers fan onto the pitch.
This year was the 40th anniversary of the disaster, with a minute’s silence held before the Old Firm derby on the 2nd January to commemorate those who died, with both teams wearing black armbands and led out by legendary Old Firm captains John Greig and Billy McNeill.
Both Celtic and Rangers have yet to comment.
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2 thoughts on “The Ibrox Disaster was not and never will be something to laugh at.

  1. Well said James, mocking your rivals about football matters or tax affairs is fair game but when it involves human suffering it is a step too far.

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