Super Celtic win 3-1 Elvis goes ballistic

Ok we we weren’t that super in fact a few players were below par but we did have plenty of chances and Pressley did go ballistic.

It was a cracking game for the neutral but for me and many other Celtic fans it was a bit nervy until Stoke killed the game in the 85th minute. As I said in my pre match post on Friday I expected Falkirk to be a well organised unit and they did not disappoint. Not only were they well organised they also showed a fair bit of flair on the counter attack and we can thank Fraser Forster for keeping them at bay.
We gave ourselves problems in the first half mostly due to big Victor having an off day which is fair enough and Izzy being off his game which is also fair enough since he’s been out for so long. Lenny seen the problem and successfully addressed it at half time by removing izzy and putting Charlie at left back, Victor into centre half and Ki in to midfield with Scott Brown. Ki ‘s introduction for me was crucial he’s always wanting the ball and his movement and passing in my mind makes him the best central midfielder in Scotland.
With the game poised quite evenly at 1 – 1 Stokesy stepped up with a bit of class and sent a free kick well away from the Falkirk keeper.  From then on till the 85th minute when Stokesy killed the game Falkirk remained a threat. Overall I feel we deserved the win simply because we kept the head and stuck to playing our game. It would have been easy for the heads to fall in the face of some really stubourn opposition but once again this Celtic team just kept going till the game was won.
As for Elvis well he did his self no favours. To me he took the shine off his own teams performance by talking utter nonsense in a post match interview. Anyone would have thought it was his team that had a legitimate goal chopped off.

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