Neil Lennon said "we don't need a Strong Rangers"

We await the backlash.

Our manager answered a predictable question “Do Celtic need a strong Rangers”? He gave an honest answer. NO!
And that is the truth the weaker Rangers are the better chance we have of securing trophies and a place in the Champions League. A perfectly straight answer. The real question is Do we actually need Rangers in Scottish football? We say No but everyone will have a different point of view on that.
However the fact that Neil said he felt sorry for the Rangers supporters will count for nothing. Certain media outlets will whip this up into a frenzy so expect more hate filled attacks on our manager.
Be in no doubt.The end game is has begun. Rangers will go out of business within the next few months. Don’t be fooled by the media campaign to assure you that Scottish football will die without them. It won’t.
PS. Ally Say’s he does not think that Neil Lennon should comment on Rangers. Well Lennon was asked questions and gave honest answers. That’s more than Ally has. I honestly believe if Lennon had been treated with the same contempt by our board he would have walked. But then again Ally has the moral strength of a melted Mars Bar.
Dignity my A*se

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